Volvo Medium Wheeled Excavator EW160E

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Built with our customers for our customers the new Volvo EW160E is the most advanced multi-tool carrier in the industry. Made in Germany Volvo's digger boast a 40 year heritage and have continuously developed into highly versatile and high quality machines.


  • Operating weight- 16,200 - 18,200 kg
  • Net power- 112 kW (ISO9249/SAEJ1349)
  • Bucket capacity- 0.78 m³

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volvo logoA vision of versatility

Made in Germany the Volvo EW160E wheeled excavator is an efficient and versatile machine that can make your life easier on the job site as well as increase productivity. Take all your tools with you in one trip and avoid any unnecessary travelling.

Work modes

The E-Series Wheeled Excavators feature four work modes combined with three travel speeds. In total 12 different combinations to be chosen to provide optimum performance and improved fuel efficiency. Breaker/shear (X1) and tilt/rotate (X3) management Increase your wheeled excavator versatility with optional hydraulics functions X1 breaker/shear and X3 tilt/rotate. X1 function utilizes the main system hydraulic flow to operate attachments requiring one or two way flow whereas X3 function provides an appropriate two way flow for tilting or rotating attachments.

Drawer type tool box

This newly developed and unique concept has been tested to carry up to 120kg. Due to the smooth sliding action it’s much easier for the operator to pull out chains using the machine or other equipment manually without having to bend over or strain their body. Because it acts as a slide-out drawer items are more visible so you can check and adjust your toolbox content much easier. A mechanical stopper has been added to prevent it from sliding out of the machine and the box dividers can be adjusted into five different positions.

Comfort Drive Control

New for the Volvo wheeled excavator range, Comfort Drive Control gives the operator the opportunity to control the machine using the roller on the joystick, up to 20km/h. Enjoy easy operation with an array of functions at your fingertips. You can opt to integrate blade/outrigger controls in the left-hand joystick.



Trailer hitch

For maximum versatility and productivity take all your tools to the jobsite in one trip. The trailer hitch is attached to your wheeled excavator approved for road homologation so that you can transport tools and attachments to and from your jobsite with ease.


Volvo’s industry-leading cab provides excellent visibility that is crucial for operator comfort control and safety on your jobsite. The spacious cab with ample storage leg room easy to access controls and an optional luxury seat increases operator productivity and reduces fatigue. The cab’s view to the right has also been made clearer.

Operate in style

To ensure comfort and productivity operating the EW160E has been designed with easy operation in mind. The cab HMI and luxuries like climate control all contribute to a happier and more comfortable operator for increased uptime.


All machine interfaces – including the joysticks keypad and LCD monitor – are ergonomically positioned and designed for optimum control and efficiency. For operator convenience and ease of use the number of switches has been significantly reduced.


The Volvo cab features Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) safety certification which provides more operator safety and peace-of-mind when operating in tough environments. It also provides greater ergonomic comfort leading to reduced fatigue and increased productivity.

In cab fluid check

As soon as you start up your machine it checks all fluid levels on board including engine oil and hydraulic fluid. The machine’s electronic display will tell the operator if any fluids need attention keeping the machine running at its best and free from any unscheduled downtime. Fuel filler pump The fuel filler electric pump can deliver 50 liters of fuel per minute for easy and clean filling of the fuel tank from ground level. It is conveniently located next to the fuel tank.

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Control with confidence

It’s not just being comfortable in the machine that is important – confidence while operating is also a key element in ensuring productivity. The EW160E wheeled excavator is equipped with the latest features to make an operator feel safe and in control of the machine at all times.

New hydraulic system

The improved hydraulic system allows maximum utilization of available engine power regardless of the application increasing controllability and responsiveness of operations. This results in higher operator efficiency and safer controlled movement.

Volvo Smart View

Three optional cameras attached to three different corners of the machine – front side and back – combine to create a bird’s eye view of the machine operating from above. The cameras also provide individual views of the machine so you can see all angles and ensure safe rotation. This intelligent and industry leading technology offers a 360o view of real footage happening in real time. The view can be seen through main LCD display. And if you have Volvo Co-Pilot (together with Dig Assist) you can have this view as well.

Tractive force

Built to last Volvo’s durable wheeled excavator undercarriage is built for tough work. Travelling on inclines or difficult terrain is easy thanks to increased tractive force.

Boom Suspension System

The Boom Suspension System improves operator comfort and allows for faster travel over bumpy roads or rough terrain. It provides a dampening effect thanks to a hydraulic circuit complete with gas pressure dampers. The system ensures the operator has more control while travelling at high speeds.

Additional information

Engine Model

Volvo D6J

Gross Power

115 kW (at 1900 rpm)

Net Power

112 kW (ISO9249/SAEJ1349)

Maximum Torque

618 Nm (at 1700 rpm)

Num of Cylinders


Operating Weight

16200 – 18200 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.78 m³

Maximum Lifting Capacity

6200 kg (at reach 4.5 / 3 m)

Maximum Digging Reach

9300 mm

Maximum Digging Depth

5700 mm

Digging Force - Bucket

126 kN (Boost)

Main Hydraulic Pump Flow

275 l/min

Relief Pressure

34-37.5 Mpa

Fuel Tank

250 l

Hydraulic System

250 l

Hydraulic Tank

123 l


35 km/h

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