Bobcat Compact Excavator (Mini Excavator) E27

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The new Bobcat® conventional tail swing E27 model introduces an in-class unique combination of superior stability, class leading digging performance and breakout forces, together with a transport weight that is still below the weight limits for appropriate trailers. Even with the optional heavy counterweight, the E27 offers just 280mm of tail overhang which allows the machine to be operated in confined spaces. This makes the machine an ideal tool for highly demanding applications where performance together with transportability have a priority over compactness.


  • Net Power- 18.2 (at 2400) kW
  • Operating weight- 2565 kg
  • Maximum digging depth- 2847 mm

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Bobcat meets customer demands by exceeding our own. The Bobcat line of compact excavators is a perfect example of our approach to design:never stop making it better.

  • Bobcat focus from design to product on excavator durability and operator comfort.
  • Quality of machine and components that works smoothly in any condition. The excavator is smooth and precise and at the same time keeps speed and power to do the job as fast as you need.
  • In other words, a machine that never stops and that allows to work for hours without fatigue.
  • Daily check points are extremely easy to reach so you can service the machine in few minutes.
  • And for the regular maintenance or any unexpected breakdown our official dealers have a service team fully trained and all the parts in stock to make sure that your downtime is minimum.


Comfort cab Bobcat pays as much attention to operator comfort as it does to digging performance. How does Bobcat provide superior comfort levels to other machines? We start by giving you the most cab space in the industry. In general, we provide 20% more interior cab volume than other brands. We didn’t stop there. Bobcat has the largest cab entry/exit room in the market. We also provide a kingsized adjustable suspension seat for ultimate comfort during long hours of operation. Adjustable arm rests and fold-up pedals give you flexibility and room for comfortable operation, and lockable storage keeps your personal items secure and out of the way. With quiet engines, solid construction and materials that absorb vibration, Bobcat excavators minimize noise and make the job more enjoyable. Our excavators also feature auto idle, which makes jobsite communications easier.




Additional information

Engine Model

Kubota D1305-E4B-BCZ-1


Diesel / Liquid

Net Power

18.2 (at 2400) kW

Maximum Torque

81.3 Nm (SAE)

Num of Cylinders



1.3 l

Fuel Reservoir

35 l

Main Hydraulic Pump Flow

94.3 l/min

Relief Pressure

180 bar

Auxiliary Flow

54 l/min

Maximum Digging Depth

2847 mm

Maximum Loading Height

3243 mm

Maximum Digging Reach

4604 mm

Digging Force - Stick

16030 N

Digging Force - Bucket

26520 N

Maximum Traction Force

28949 N

Ground Pressure

26.2 kPa


3 km/h

Speed -High Range

5.1 km/h

Operating Weight

2565 kg

Operating Weight Canopy

2683 kg


1550 mm


2438 mm

Track Width

300 mm


539 mm

Exterior Noise Level

94 dB(A)

Operator Noise Level

78 dB(A)

Whole Body Vibration

0.13 m/s²

Hand-Arm Vibration

0.44 m/s²

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