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Built with our customers for our customers the new Volvo EW180E is the most advanced multi-tool carrier in the industry. Made in Germany Volvo's digger boast a 40 year heritage and have continuously developed into highly versatile and high quality machines. With manoeuvrability at the heart of its design our new EW180E will perform time and time again on any job site.


  • Operating weight- 18,200 - 20,300 kg
  • Net power- 125 kW (ISO9249/SAEJ1349)
  • Bucket capacity- 0.87 m³

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Efficient and versatile the EW180E and EW220E offer continuous productivity and all the proven Volvo technology you’d expect from the E-Series wheeled excavator. Get ready to work with the powerful machines offering precise movements to help you maintain total control and performance.

Hydraulic performance

Take on any application with the improved load-sensing hydraulic system that allows maximum utilization of available engine power increasing controllability and responsiveness. When climbing gradients and travelling over unstable ground rely on the proven travel motor to provide the tractive force you need.

Comfort at speed

Experience ultimate control and enhanced comfort while traveling at high speeds. The optional Boom Suspension System automatically engages at 5km/h absorbing shocks to reduce bouncing and bucket spillage. The hydraulic circuit complete with gas pressure dampeners softens the vibrations when driving over rough terrain or bumpy roads for smoother travel.

The right configuration for the job

Carry out a variety of tasks with optional configurations. The machines are offered with a hitch so you can pull trailers weighing 3 tons or up to 8 tons with additional dry run brakes. You can fit the trailer hook onto the outriggers or parallel blade to optimize machine versatility. And with a wide range of high quality tires available in both single and twin you’re ready to tackle all types of ground conditions.

Do more

Unlock the full potential of your E-Series wheeled excavator with optional auxiliary lines to power your attachments. The breaker/shear function (X1) uses the main hydraulic system to provide optimum flow when operating attachments requiring one or two-way flow while the tilt/rotate function (X3) delivers an appropriate two-way flow.


Reach further lift more

Boost your working ability with the new heavy-duty two-piece boom and arm designed to stretch further dig deeper and reach higher. In an industry that’s always evolving with growing business demands the EW180E and EW220E excavators offer a total reach of over 10 meters and increased lifting capacity.

Maximize your uptime

Optimize machine uptime with the EW180E and EW220E rigorously tested and proven to withstand the test of time. Equipped with a powerful Volvo engine the wheeled excavators always deliver an efficient and reliable operation so you can keep your fuel consumption low and productivity high. Durable by design the machines offer simple servicing helping you get back on track – fast.

On or off road

Whether you require a wheeled excavator for on or off road operations Volvo flexible design ensures you’re always ready for action. The EW220E is available from the factory as either road homologated or off-road version – the off-road design boasting a heavier counterweight.

Power up fuel down

Get the bigger jobs done better and faster. Equipped with a powerful Volvo engine delivering higher torque at lower rpm the E-Series offers superior performance. To reduce fuel consumption ECO mode turns on automatically. This is enhanced by auto idle and auto engine shut down which engage after a pre-set amount of time also helping to reduce machine wear.

Strength and durability

The EW180E and EW220E are built with protected components and a strong frame structure for sustained uptime and increased machine life. The specially designed undercarriage offers high clearance when driving over hard ground while the robust axles – equipped with automatic or operator controlled front axle oscillation – offer strength in demanding applications.

Automatic digging brake

Maximize uptime with the optional automatic digging brake first introduced by Volvo. The service brake and oscillation lock automatically engage when the machine’s speed is at zero so you can get straight to work once you stop.

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Additional information

Engine Model

Volvo D6J

Gross Power

129 kW (at 2000 rpm)

Net Power

125 kW (ISO9249/SAEJ1349)

Maximum Torque

850 Nm (at 1350 rpm)

Num of Cylinders


Operating Weight

18200 – 20300 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.87 m³

Maximum Lifting Capacity

9800 kg (at reach 4.5 / 3 m)

Maximum Digging Reach

10000 mm

Maximum Digging Depth

6000 mm

Digging Force - Bucket

136 kN (Boost)

Main Hydraulic Pump Flow

375 l/min

Relief Pressure

34-37.5 Mpa

Fuel Tank

290 l

Hydraulic System

300 l

Hydraulic Tank

165 l


35 km/h

Tail Swing Radius

2550 mm

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