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Let?s face it. Goals change. Needs change. The world changes. But the number of hours in the day never does. That?s why Case IH developed an efficient, multi-purpose tractor line with just the right amount of power for both row-crop and livestock applications ? the Puma? Series Tractors. They?re reliable. They?re durable. They?re fuel efficient. They?re Puma.


  • Rated Power- 165 kW (at 2200 rpm)
  • Capacity- 6.7 l
  • Number Of Cylinders- 6

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Leading the industry

Puma Efficency

Increased efficiency, higher returns, optional 19th EconoGear, 40 kph at 1,650 rpm gear enhances fuel efficiency, productivity and minimizes noise at top road speeds.


Fuel savings. Durable performance.

The new-generation common rail tier 3 engine features outstanding fuel economy and long-lasting durability. Rated from 142 to 224 horsepower, all five Puma tractors are built with high performance Case IH engines to deliver a reliable source of power. High pressure common rail diesel technology combined with electronic fuel management ensures cost-effective operation for all farming applications. To ensure both power and efficiency, Puma tractors are equipped with a four-valve, 6.7 liter, turbocharged, intercooled, low-emission diesel engine. They supply their maximum torque at engine speeds as low as 1400 rpm in draft applications and 1600 rpm in PTO and transport applications when Power Management is active. The engine is designed to generate maximum power at 1800 – 2000 rpm. We also provide you with a constant power range of up to 600 rpm so work rates can be maintained with lower engine speed, less noise and more efficiency.

More control. Less fatigue

Unsurpassed sight lines, ergonomic controls and operator-friendly features highlight the highly evolved Puma tractor cab.
Designed with operator comfort and productivity in mind, this best-in-class cab features Surround Vision with 5.87 square metres of glass, including the optional high-visibility cab roof window for unobstructed views in all directions.
Long days in the field are less taxing with easy-to-reach, adjustable armrest controls.Key tractor controls are integrated into the seat armrest for instant access, including an optional integrated electro-hydraulic joystick for ergonomic loader operation. The front right A-Post instrument cluster keeps important operating information within your sight line for less wear on you.

Optional active front axle suspension

Front suspension is available as option on all models, improving ride comfort at the same time as providing more control.
Less pitching is experienced when travelling at speed with mounted implements, or manoeuvring with a loader. It has 105 mm of travel and damping is then controlled via an advanced accumulator and regenerative valve system for a smoother ride. It also has automatic self-levelling according to load.

Puma CVT: simplicity put in motion

Over the last 200 years Case IH has lead the revolution in agricultural, mechanization.our drive has always been to increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers.
Today, Case IH still continues to lead this revolution with pioneering cvt transmission technology, available on the Puma 180 and 225 models.
Case IH launched its first CVT tractor in 1999 featuring the industry leading Auto Productivity Management (APM). This feature managing automatically the engine and the transmission revolutionazed the way to drive a tractor and lead to the development of CVT in Europe. The development of the Puma CVT has taken place over the last 5 years with the input of our dealers and over 500 key technological leading farmers & contractors worldwide, helping us to define the key features of the Puma CVT. The result is a CVT tractor of second generation benefiting from proven components and upgraded with the latest technology to achieve best in class productivity, efficiency and driving comfort.

Powerful rear hitch

The hydraulic system is powered by a variable displacement piston pump delivering up to 150 litres per minute on full powershift tractors and up to 170 on CVT versions.
Up to 4 mechanical standard or 5 electronical remote valves are available and you can choose up to 4 electronical mid mount valves too. Up to 10,460 kg can be lifted by the rear hitch, over which you have fingertip control ? even outside the cab, thanks to the fender-mounted control buttons, for single-handed implement attachment.

Smooth shift quality for optimum performance

Your Puma features a transmission and pto engineered to easily cope with the awesome output of the engine, putting you in control of the power.
Puma 140-210 are available with an 18 x 6 transmission which is 40 kph or an optional 19 x 6 transmission of 40 kph, at reduced engine rpm (approx 1700). The Puma range now also features the revolutionary Continuously Variable Transmission. It is offered as an optional on the Puma 180 & 210, and as standard on the flagship Puma 225. Puma 140-210 are fitted as standard with 540E/1000 rpm PTO speeds. The Puma 225 CVT is fitted with a 1000/1000E rpm PTO speeds. for special applications it can be upgraded to a 4 speed PTO (540/540E/1000/1000E rpm). This unique option is also available on Puma 180 CVT and Puma 210 as well. Drive is direct from the engine flywheel for maximum efficiency. Should you require, a 1000 rpm front PTO is available for extra versatility.

Puma series tractors simplify maintenance

The Puma tractors are designed to provide unobstructed accessibility. Whether you?re monitoring key tractor performance data from inside the cab or checking filters and fluids from ground level, Puma design makes it easy to maintain your equipment and protect your investment.



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Additional information


Puma 225

Engine Type


Number Of Cylinders



6.7 l


104 x 132 mm

Rated Power

165 kW (at 2200 rpm)

Maximum Power

169 / 230 kW/hp

Maximum Torque

950 / 1400 Nm/rpm

Torque Reserve

32 / 30

Fuel Tank

410 l

PTO Type

Electro-hydraulic with Auto PTO control available



PTO (Optional)


PTO Engine Speed

1969/1546/2120 rpm

PTO Engine Speed (Option)

1969/2120 rpm

Max. Hydraulic Pump Flow

150 / 170 PFC l/min

Operating Pressure

215 bar

Max. Rear Lift Capacity

10460 kg

Max. Front Lift Capacity

3900 kg

Max. Number Of Valves

5 electronic

Hitch Category

Cat 3

Total Length

5017 mm

Total Height

3100 mm

Total Width

2682 mm


2884 mm

Minimum Weight

7200 kg

Maximum Permissible Weight

13000 kg

Front Tyres


Rear Tyres


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