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Massey Ferguson has always provided innovative, but practical solutions to the farmer?s needs to answer the challenges of the time. The MF 4700 Global Series continues this tradition by offering a highly modern, high performance, heavy duty, straightforward range of tractors that provide exceptional efficiency for every type of farmer all over the world.


  • Rated Power- 55.9 kW (at 2000 rpm)
  • Capacity- 3.3 l
  • Number Of Cylinders- 3

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Setting New Standards. Extending Expectations

THE NEW WORLD AND BRAND ICON – As the most prestigious name in the farm

Machinery industry, Massey Ferguson excites the passions of professional farmers who love skilful engineering and iconic tractors. Throughout the brand?s history, Massey Ferguson tractors have symbolised the spirit of their times. Following its most emblematic predecessors: the black tractor, Ferguson Brown, TE20, world famous MF 35 and MF 65, MF 135, MF 165, MF 200 and MF 300 Series, the MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 are aiming to continue the remarkable saga of these MF icons of practical innovation to provide the modern equivalent for efficient operation in contemporary farming applications. These are modern pioneers offered to the world of farming ? they are visionaries in their fields. They keep on going beyond the limits. These new ranges of straightforward and dependable tractors opens the world of farming to new horizons. Massey Ferguson has always provided innovative, but practical solutions to the farmer?s needs to answer the challenges of the time. These tractors continues this tradition by offering a highly modern, high performance, heavy duty, straightforward range of tractors that provide exceptional efficiency for every type of farmer all over the world. With its entirely new – yet simple – design, manufactured in state of the art factories across the Globe, with efficient drivelines and high level of comfort, the MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 are definitely designed to be the new workhorse of the world. They really bring exceptional value for money for any sector!


We are a Global Brand. We are Massey Ferguson, and the new MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 are the tractors that embody the full meaning of this statement. We have created tractors in which everything we know is farming. With the new MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700, the Massey Ferguson DNA goes on the fields so that each farmer, in all parts of the world, can experience what happens when technology is made simple, straightforward and affordable. During its long history, Massey Ferguson has done much more than design, build and sell farm machinery to provide farmers with the best possible tool. From the Beauvais engineering 3D drawings, the MF virtual reality room and factories have sprung tractors whose purpose has always been to enable farmers to depend on them day-in, day-out.

Anyone who buys a Massey Ferguson tractor today will expect it to fulfil the latest operational and environmental standards. They will expect it to combine the very best of today?s technologies with comfort, simplicity, reliability, quality and best farming experience. Why do we know that? Because, as a partner, you were at the heart of the design phase. This is the reason why Massey Ferguson engineers started from a clean sheet of paper. Our engineers have farming in their blood and visionary power listening to your individual needs. They are eager to develop new solutions to the complex challenges of today?s and tomorrow?s farming.

Modern, state of the art manufacturing In-built reliability, integral reliability

Reliability is in our DNA. As part of its brand promise, Massey Ferguson is committed to delivering the highest quality at any time. Each component of the new MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 Series has been carefully designed, selected and assigned to the best manufacturing suppliers and has been assembled following the latest manufacturing technologies. All along the manufacturing process and before leaving the factory, our quality team carries out systematic checks to control every detail. Everywhere you look, on everything you touch, there is this feeling of advanced, high quality engineering. On the bonnet and in the centre of the steering wheel you see the logo of a brand that you trust. You are about to begin some hard work, operating your new Massey Ferguson tractor for the first time. You don?t know how it will be, but you have the feeling that this new workhorse won?t let you down.

Engine – The muscle to tackle any task

For Massey Ferguson and our team of engineers shaping and influencing the future has always offered an exciting challenge. By doing so we aim to offer highly efficient and powerful engines while minimising fuel consumption which can have a significant effect on your business?s bottom line, as well as helping to meet the industry?s environmental commitments. Since 2008, Massey Ferguson, together with AGCO Power, has pioneered SCR Technology as the most straightforward, maintenance free solution to comply with the toughest emissions legislation without compromising on power and productivity. This is now the industry standard, but we are still leading the way with 50,000 equipped tractors globally! ? The impact on your business is a positive one: reduced fuel bills.

Renowned for reliability, ruggedness and fuel economy, the 3.3-litre AGCO Power three-cylinder engine provides the heart of the MF 4700 Series, MF 5708 and MF 5709, delivering 75 to 95 hp, while the 4,4-litre AGCO Power four-cylinder unit powered the MF 5710 and MF 5711 in addition to the MF 6700 series, delivering 100 to 130 hp. With both tractor and engine coming from the same manufacturer, you can be sure that product quality is on exactly the same level, while compatibility and efficiency cannot be bettered. Miserly on fuel, low on noise The engines used in MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 Series tractors are all of a long stroke design that provides high levels of torque across a broad speed range. Maximum torque is achieved at low engine speeds: With a low rated engine speed of only 2000 revs/min, not only is diesel use minimised, but so too are noise and wear and tear, resulting in lower fuel bills and a more pleasant operator experience.

Easy to operate and efficient 12×12 transmission

The MF 4700, MF 5710-11 and MF 6700 Series tractors feature an all-new synchronised transmission which provides a total of twelve forward and twelve reverse speeds courtesy of two ranges. Six gears are within the 4-12km/hr typical fieldwork range, while maximum speed is 40km/hr.

The right speed for each job is easily selected using gear levers that are within easy reach, yet positioned neatly to the driver?s hand, ensuring an unimpeded passage when mounting/dismounting. A single-plate, dry-type clutch is easy to operate and simple to service. Super Creeper option is also available when the lowest speeds, down to 140m/hr*, are required for the job in hand.


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Additional information


MF 4707 Platform version

Engine Model

MF 4707

Engine Type


Number Of Cylinders



3.3 l

Number Of Valves


Rated Power

55.9 kW (at 2000 rpm)

Maximum Power

55.9 kW (at 2000 rpm)

Maximum Torque

312 Nm (at 1500 rpm)

Fuel Tank

105 l


Fully synchronised – 12 x 12

Min Speed

1.91 km/h (at 1400 rpm)

PTO Type

Independent/Electro hydraulic control



PTO (Optional)

540 Eco

PTO Engine Speed

1550 rpm (at 540E), 2000 rpm (at 540/1000)

PTO Shaft

6 splines (Optional 6 & 21 splines)

Max. Hydraulic Pump Flow

65 l/min

Operating Pressure

200 bar

Max. Rear Lift Capacity

3000 kg

Hitch Category

Cat 2

Total Length

4067 mm

Total Height

2594 mm

Total Width

2587 mm


2250 mm


2900 kg (2WD), 3100 kg (4WD)

Rear Tyres

420/85 R 30

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